News: Local Clevelander Pays Tribute to “Man of Steel” continuing its Legacy

 (Cleveland, Ohio 9/20/2011) Superman, created in Cleveland, returns to his hometown in this short film to be brought to life by Cleveland area residents. Directed by Cleveland’s prominent filmmaker, Johnny K. Wu, “S: A Superman Fan Film” will premier on Saturday, October 1st at 7pm at Creative House Studios. Over 300 people were invited to the VIP Premiere Party which include representative from Siegel Shuster Society, Glenville Development, and current Superman’s house owner, the Gray Family are among many others. Ward 8 Councilman Jeffrey Johnson will kick off the event with a ribbon cutting ceremony as part of the official grand opening for Creative House Studios, the largest permanent free market green screen studio in Ohio.poster-4.25x6.25

In addition to the premiere of the fan film, “S: A Superman Fan Film” VIP Premiere Party invitees will get the opportunity to tour, network and socialize while fulfilling their appetite with deliciously and reasonable priced cuisine prepared by Streat Mobile Bistro. 150 DVD’s will be made available after the premiere to invitees at the end of the night. Live streaming via internet will also be available for those unable to attend that will engage Superman fans worldwide to join in. “S: A Superman Fan Film” will debut online the following day on October 2nd through Vimeo, Facebook and Youtube.

“S: A Superman Fan Film” is a live action in a comic book styled short film. It tells the story of Brainiac finding his way to Earth to destroy Superman. However, he doesn’t go about this task alone, as Lex Luthor finds his way into the mix. Now two of Superman’s greatest villains are working together to take down the Man of Steel.

Superman was created in 1932 by Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster who were Cleveland residents and Glennville High School graduates. Clevelanders are proud to share the birthplace of “The Man of Steel.” Many artists strive to keep Superman’s presence strong in the area. The volunteered cast and crew proving many of their time and resources are all from the Greater Cleveland region. To continue its legacy, “S: A Superman Fan Film” will be part of the Superman Museum in Cleveland.

The popularity of superheroes is rising through the help of Hollywood and Comic-Con. “S: A Superman Fan Film” stands to be a must-see for the increasing fan base. Christopher Moshier of Fan Film Follies says this film has “not only good actors, but excellent sound production.” Host of Comic Book Movies podcast, Armin Stojanović and Tom Gallagher, both agreed that the film and production value was “phenomenal.” Many anticipate the premiere to be a paramount event. An event perfect for independent artists to network and get a look at how films should be made.

The FREE “S: A Superman Fan Film” DVD or Blu-ray copy will contain over 2 ½ hours of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews that explains the production process which will serve as an educational tool for independent and aspiring filmmakers. The cast and crew of “S” worked together on many other projects before. The interviews offer a lot of information to less experienced members of the independent community. Blu-ray version includes additional short films produced by the cast and crew of “S: A Superman Fan Film”.

“S: A Superman Fan Film” will be available online free. For those interested in a DVD or Blu-ray copy of the movie with 2.5 hrs of BTS videos, it is available free when purchase the original soundtrack by composer Mark Haas. For more information, visit or “S: A Superman Fan Film” fan page at 

“S: A Superman Fan Film” VIP Premiere Party is made possible by these supporters: Media Design Imaging, Creative House Studios, Sampson Carnegie, Morning Show Central, Consolidated Graphics Group, David Shaw – Give-a-Sheet Outdoor Movies, Koko Bakery, The Reel TV Show, ImageLab Media, Streat Mobile Bistro, St. Clair Superior Development, Councilman Jeffrey Johnson, Glanville Development, Siegel Shuster Society, and the wonderful cast, crew and friends!

First teaser trailer for S: A Superman Fan Film, created/produced by Media Design Imaging and Creative House Studios. More information at s4superman or you can visit our S: A Superman Fan Film Video Channel at

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